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New question type: Picture Choice

I'm happy to announce you that starting now Skillmeter supports a new question type: Picture Choice.  Thanks to this improvement we raised at 7 the number of supported question types: Multiple choice with only one correct answer, Multiple choice with two or more correct answers, True/False, Ranking, Exact match, "Fill in the blank" / Essay, Picture Choice.

New question types: Ranking & Exact Match

We've worked hard to improve Skillmeter with new features: we've added support for two new question types: ranking & exact match and we've improved the candidates notification with html support and added test duration.

Implementing Social Recruitment into Your HR Plan

If your job is to recruit the best talent for a company, have you considered the idea of social recruitment? This is the process of using the various social media you have at your disposal to increase awareness of your job offers and incite interest in the positions.

IT Recruitment-Creative Ways to Win Your Ideal Candidate

IT recruitment and hiring is one the rise and to say there is a strong demand for talent is an understatement. According to one recent survey, three quarters of CIOs plan to either fill vacant IT positions or expand their existing IT staff. It’s all about reaching candidates where they live, learning their behavior patterns, and understanding their trigger points.

Social Recruitment: 3 Ways to Optimize Social Media for HR

Social media is changing the whole hiring and recruiting game. No longer do the classified sections, newspaper articles, or even listings websites like Idealist, Indeed, or Monster dictate the market on job recruitment information.

Tips for Creating Online Exams for Job Applicants

Often what is happening in the business world is reflected in the schools and vise-versa. The idea of online exams has been around for awhile, but with more and more state departments of education turning to this effective means of assessing students, businesses seem to be turning to this method to recruit the best potential candidates to their workforce as well.

Online Candidate Testing is Part of Hiring Process

It is common for companies to utilize testing as part of their employee selection process. These tests can include measurement of cognitive abilities, personality testing, abilities testing, background testing and more. This type of testing can be utilized by prospective employers as long as they are not discriminatory.

Online Testing: a Requisite Tool for Every Recruiter

How long does it take you to identify the best candidate for a job?  What are the critical characteristics you search for when you are seeking talent for a specific niche?  How can you determine if a interviewee actually meets the qualifications required to even apply for the job?

Social Recruitment: An Effective Tool for Finding the Best Candidates

Effective and successful recruiters know that while posting jobs on online job boards is still necessary, it's no longer the most effective method for finding great candidates.

Make Online Testing More Relevant To Your Company

Many potential employees in many industries have gone through the process of pre-hire testing. Often, these tests were painfully generic and assessed values that had nothing to do with the job...