Personal Branding for Recruiters: 18 Ways to boost your image

Do you know that when it comes to “Personal Branding” you are in a powerful position? It’s up to you how effective and professional you are able to create your own profile. I’m not just talking about your online presence, which surely is very important, but there are many other things you also need to consider in your daily life when interacting with people in a more personal way. Let’s first focus on your online presence and as to how you can improve your public image:

  1. 1. Be on social media and use always the same name and profile picture for accounts. Show that you are consistent in your online presence.

  2. 2. Make sure your profile picture shows that you are a professional, positive and confident person. There are too many examples on the internet where people get it really wrong. So use an up-to-date, 
  3. friendly looking picture with a good background and lighting.

  4. 3. Google yourself and see what appears on the internet. Is there anything inappropriate (pictures, videos, content) that should not be there and that might cost you your job? Then try to find ways to get it removed. The quicker you do it the better. If you think you can’t do it by yourself ask an Online Reputation Manager for advice.

  5. 4. Make sure your CV on LinkedIn looks professional and relevant by providing useful information. Replace your headline (which on LinkedIn is below your name) with a mission statement rather than just mentioning your job title. This would attract more attention from any reader.

  6. 5. Your summary on LinkedIn should be eye-catching, written in the first person (it makes it sound more personal) and reveal more about your goals, passions and accomplishments. Share your personal story and make it a memorable read which helps you to connect with other people easily. 

  7. 6. Focus on a specific niche in which you are highly proficient and promote yourself as an expert in that particular field.

  8. 7. Participate in online forums, show your expertise, answer peoples’ questions or dilemmas and interact with others as much as possible.

  9. 8. Build a track record of your activities and achievements. Write a blog and provide insights about your skills, expertise, knowledge, experience, connections you have etc. Share and create relevant content in various forms (text, video, pictures, infographics etc.) Bear in mind that videos are often more effective than the written word. Don’t hesitate to ask your friends on social media to share it and help you to spread the word. The more you publish online the more information others will find about you. You might also consider writing guest blogs on other professionals’ websites or for online magazines in order to increase your reputation and credibility.

  10. 9. When communicating with others (jobseekers, clients, work colleagues) always personalize your messages, show that you care and are interested in other people, reply on time, use assertive language and establish great relationships. Don’t be known as the person who never replies to peoples’ emails or does it always in an unprofessional way.

  11. 10. Try to get as many endorsements as possible on Linkedin. This will help you to come across as a professional and trustworthy person with a variety of great skills. Try to have a different mix of recommendations: from clients you were hiring for, from other work colleagues or supervisors and also jobseekers’ who you were able to help finding their dream job. People do trust recommendations and it will dramatically increase your credibility.

  12. 11. Be yourself. Don’t try to fake it and be someone you are not. Do you really have the energy to pretend to be someone else? It’s better to show who you really are and give your best to give a great impression at all times.
  13. Now let’s focus on some other image-related things which are important when dealing with others on a daily basis. These suggestions will speak volumes about you as a person and will help you to be perceived as a more polished professional.

  14. 12. Be always dressed professionally and neatly (this includes polished shoes too). Take pride in your appearance.

  15. 13. Always use positive language when engaging with others, no matter whether you are dealing with someone in your corporate life or personal life.

  16. 14. Show good manners at all times and leave your personal problems behind.

  17. 15. Get a creative business card made that people would love to show and spread to others.

  18. 16. When writing or signing documents make sure you use a stylish pen. Show that you pay attention to detail and appreciate high-quality items.
  19. 17. When meeting or taking along clients on business tours make sure your car is always tidy and clean from the inside and outside.

  20. 18. When clients or jobseekers come to visit you in your office make sure it looks tidy, well organized, professional and with a welcoming flair.

Remember, personal branding is not just about what people see online about you but also about the way you look and dress, you act, you communicate and deal with other people. The more effort you invest in creating a great brand for yourself the higher your response and referral rates will be in the future.

Karin Schroeck-Singh
Karin Schroeck-Singh is a passionate Public Speaker, eBook Author, and a freelancing Online Content Producer. She has an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and gained 18 years of international work experience in Italy, the UK and India.