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Hiring a Developer: what to ask and watch out for

If you take a closer look at the current job market you can notice that the IT sector is one of the most dominant sectors and this is not going to change in the future. On the contrary, it will increase even more. Hiring a great “IT Developer” can become quite of a challenge for a company, particularly if the company is not very tech-savvy.

10 Creative Ideas for your Employee Referral Program

When it comes to setting up a referral program most companies focus on how to spread the word about their products or/and services. But let’s be honest, how many companies actually consider this strategy also with regard to their recruitment needs?

Video Interviews: A temporary craze or a trend to stay?

Are you one of those recruiters who already started interviewing potential candidates via video or do you think this approach is something that is never going to happen or not really needed at your company?

12 Strategies for your Corporate Career Website

There are many companies who emphasise that their staff is their most valuable asset but out of all those: How many make an effort to present on their corporate website valuable information for jobseekers? The benefits of having your own career site are manifold.

New Feature - Test Center

I've just released a new feature of Skillmeter Testing Platform called Test Center, which contains a set of predefined tests that cover IT topics - from Development (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML) to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Project Management (Microsoft Project).

“Screening candidates” - Two Methods to choose from

Imagine you are working for a multinational company which receives hundreds or even thousands of job applications for various jobs on a daily basis. How would you differentiate the star achievers from the poor performers right from the beginning? Screening candidates can be a lengthy process, there are two methods that a company can choose from.

Does writing job rejection letters really matter?

Imagine … you applied for a job ten days ago. You know that you invested a lot of time to write a tailor-made cover letter, you customised your CV for a certain position and two weeks went by and nothing happened. You wonder whether you will ever get a phone call, a letter in the mailbox or an email from the company’s HR department. Does this sound familiar? How would you feel as a candidate?

Top 6 Lessons I learnt as a Recruiter

When people create their CVs they usually list a series of tasks that they performed in their jobs. Smart jobseekers also know about the power of including their main achievements in their CV. Would it not be great if there would be also a section in which candidates would actually share the lessons that they learned at various stages in their career? In this blog post I would like to share my personal lessons I learnt as a Recruiter some years ago.

Job Candidate, how stress resistant are you?

There are many jobs that require a candidate to be able to work under pressure and who is able to cope with different levels of stress. Some people will be able to cope well while others might be struggling a lot. I’m thinking of jobs which require to finish certain tasks within certain deadlines with a certain outcome, such as: journalists, recruitment consultants, translators, builders, architects, software developers etc.

Hiring a Social Media Manager: Questions you must ask

There are many people out there who call themselves “Social Media Experts” and the names you come across for this relatively new job title can vary. You might come across names such as: Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Content Producer, Digital Content Manager, Social Media Strategist, Content Marketer, SEO Manager etc.