How to Impress Your Future Boss: Media Resume

Being an ambitious person means struggling to achieve more. Sometimes we are trying to be in a process of self-development and, therefore, looking for a better job place. While the process of finding a job place is labor-intensive, you might notice that it can be also time-consuming. Don't panic: we know what you need to do. First of all, you should create an outstanding resume.

In fact, employers have from 5 to 7 seconds to look through your resume. So, is it possible to catch their eye within this time? The answer is yes!

Living in the digital era, you should get the most out of it: use websites to find a job, learn something new online, and create a great media resume.

In fact, a media resume is a way to show your creativity and, therefore, get an interview invitation. In short, you should do your best to create a readworthy resume.

A good media resume:

  • is logical and short
  • has enhanced readability
  • contains visual elements
  • is written in simple language
  • has a unique template

If you want to impress your future boss, you need to write down all benefits you can. Here are some elements to include to your media resume:

  • personal data (name and surname, gender, birth date, contacts)
  • educational background
  • experience (recent job places if applicable)
  • skills (programs, languages, driver's license, etc.)

If you don't know what a good design is, use tools to compose your resume.

It's very simple:
PowerPoint Presentation: Most people have experience in creating presentations. Thus, you can use this tool to create your resume. First of all, think about its view (colors, icons, information). Then try to create a draft and save it in .ppt and .pdf formats.

Canva: This tool helps people learn the art of design. Here you can find templates, layouts, and icons. Plus, you can download your images, so your media resume can be unique! Don't forget that you can edit your resume, as it is important to add some new achievements you have.
Kinzaa: As soon as you sign up for this site, you will get a possibility to create your infographic resume online. Here you can add information about yourself, write down your achievements, skills, and experience to build a good visual resume.

If you are ready to create a good media resume, that's great. However, read several tips we've collected for you.

  • pick up a high-quality headshot
  • double check grammar and formatting
  • ask somebody to proofread
  • insert a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile
  • save your draft to edit it later

You may not have thought about it, but your resume can impress your future boss. As soon as you have an outstanding up-to-date resume, you'll take the first step toward a successful career. There is a hint for graduates: if you want to find a great job position, you need to know essential skills every graduate needs. Work on improving these skills and you will impress your future boss easily!

Andrew Howe
Andrew Howe runs AdverbLess. He loves writing and languages, so his app helps people hone their writing skills.