The IT Crowd: 7 Steps to Recruiting

The IT field is complex because it has so many things that must go right to achieve the goal. One of these things is the right person for the job because expertise and skills play a critical role here. Finding a right person is also a multi-faceted skill that should be possessed by the recruiter to ensure that the project will go smoothly and beautifully. Nowadays, the IT crowd increases every day, as more and more people choose this career to become software developers, database experts, website designers and so on. The popularity of IT professions has grown exponentially, which means that there are a countless number of people with different skills and abilities.

The task of finding the right persons for IT jobs is pretty difficult for any recruiter. To help with the choice, this article brings 7 steps that could be used to ensure the task is handled perfectly.

1. Do a little research

Find out where other employers find good developers. Go to the Internet and look for the most popular job boards where you could locate the resumes you need. At the moment, the hottest job boards are Simply Hired , Indeed, and Career Builder . They contain just about any IT profession out there, so the choice will be pretty simple.

2. Put more emphasis on social media.

Did you know that millions of IT professionals use social networking to connect with employers and other people to share knowledge and communicate? LinkedIn, undoubtedly, is the best choice when it comes to social media because it is a professional network that has lots of profiles of IT experts. It works just like any other social network and allows connecting through direct messaging and email.

3. Make applying easy.

The IT crowd does not appreciate overcoming so many barriers before getting an actual interview, such as filling page after page and waiting weeks to speak with the interviewer. There are tons of other companies looking for them, why should they waste their time waiting, right? Making applying easy will help. Just eliminate the barriers that make the people wait and set the barrier to entry lower.

4. Manage every relationship.

Have you even answered with “we’ll give you a call if we have some openings?” Every job seeker regardless of the industry considers this phrase as a slap in the face because in most cases the company does not call back and is not even interested in doing so. Do not allow your company to have such image among the IT people by setting up a system that would help you to stay in touch with the people that visited the office. They were good enough to be called there, right?

5. Look for a whole package.

The IT field today involves a lot of interaction not just with machines, but other people, which can work out for those who do not consider themselves as total geeks. Remember, the IT employee may be a real geek as long as it needed, but the time for human interaction will come and he or she may have to speak with the CEO, who might not possess the knowledge of geek terminology. Because of this, stay away from hiring people who cannot get along with the types of personalities that do not have an IT background.

6. Prepare some tests.

Make sure you test the skills of the potential candidates by having them completing some serious tests. Such tests may help you to assess their ability to think in a long-term perspective because if they come with a bunch of recommendations and suggestions, they might be worth another look.

7. Stay informed about compensation.

Examine the levels of compensation that your company is currently offering to IT candidates. Are they lower than the average in the industry? If they are, they may be a reason why you could not hire really good professionals. Find out about the salaries in other companies to make sure that your own offers are more than competitive.

Enhance your IT hiring process with these tips and make sure that all your bases are covered. Remember, any candidate requires a personalized approach, so make sure you provide it.

Scott Ragin
Scott Ragin is a social media specialist and blogger working in multi-channel marketing, content strategy and connecting social media to business initiative. Scott is a content writing expert at Aussiessay. He loves guiding other people through their content marketing practice and shares his ideas as as blogger. Feel free to contact him at Facebook.