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5 Steps to create a positive Candidate Experience

The fact that we are living in a candidate driven market, in which candidates have high expectations from a future employer, makes the hiring task a real challenge. There is no doubt that also candidates have to perform and fulfill many requirements in order to get the job that also many other candidates are hoping for.

The CV that will really get you a job interview!

Remember that the goal of a CV is to get you an interview, not the job straight away! Knowing that recruiters spend on average just 9 seconds on a CV before deciding whether you are worth being invited to an interview or not, makes the task even more challenging. First impressions do matter! Having a great strategy in place how to approach the task can save you considerable time in your job hunt. Follow these steps and you will have interviews lined up for you!

How to motivate people

Can you actually really motivate other people? I would say “Only to a certain extent.” I do believe that it’s not difficult to get results from highly self-motivated people, because they feel passionate about what they are doing and need very little additional encouragement. They roll up their sleeves, get started and know exactly how good they are. The real art consists in being able to motivate a person who hates their job! But if you have someone like that in your team I would seriously advise you to offer that person another challenge that s/he feels more enthusiastic about (if there is any option). It is therefore crucial to hire people who are self-motivated from Day 1. Believe me, it will save you time, money and mental energy.

What makes a great Recruiter?

Working as a Recruiter can be a challenging job for the person who has great interpersonal skills and is target driven. But if you prefer to just hide yourself behind a computer then I can tell you “It’s not for you!” You need to deal with people and that on a daily basis. Now if tomorrow I would go to a job interview for the position of a Recruiter and they would ask me “What makes a great Recruiter in your opinion?” I would answer like this.

Great Habits of Effective Recruiters

If you are able to find great candidates for your company CONGRATULATIONS! But how would you feel if 50 % of them quit within the first month or are being fired before their probationary period is over? Imagine … the whole process would have to start all over again, investing more time and more money. You and others might even start questioning your real hiring skills. Have you ever asked yourself what habits would allow you to work more effectively and efficiently as a recruiter? Keep reading.

How to prepare a professional Assessment Centre

There is no doubt about it: putting candidates through an assessment centre experience will reveal more about them than meeting them in your office face to face. Fact is that often organisations choose this approach mostly for managerial jobs and graduates and not for every single vacancy that they need to fill.

Soft Skills: The secret to hiring more successfully?

Imagine … you are conducting an interview and you come across Bob, 24, Graduate from a well-established university. You invite him to participate in a technical test in order to find out the level of expertise he has on several programming languages. You notice that he works quickly, pays attention to detail and according to the test result has highly advanced technical skills. You think “This is the one I really need in my team!” The interview process continues and then you meet your last candidate. Her name is Monique, 27, a passionate self-taught web designer who comes across as a very likeable person with good soft skills. Her technical test result was not outstanding, nevertheless it was good. You decide to choose between these two candidates. You invite both to an in-house “Experience Day” hoping that after spending some more time with them you will be able to make up your mind who to hire.

The Top 10 Most Revealing Job Interview Questions you must ask

Imagine… you have 6 candidates to interview for one job. For each applicant you have only 40 minutes at your disposal and there are hundreds of interview questions you need to choose from. What are the right questions that will help you to determine who the most suitable candidate is? Here are my favourite Top 10 Questions.

How recruiters can effectively improve their Communication Skills

We all know it - communication skills are the most important skill in today’s corporate world regardless in what industry someone is working in. Recruiters expect jobseekers to have great communication skills but how good are recruiters in communicating with their great talents, colleagues, clients and team members?

Are HR Managers the new Brand Managers?

Don’t ever think that marketing a company is limited to the Marketing Manager only. Whether you realise it or not: every single employee is to some extent a marketer for their company. However, an HR Manager has not just the task of interviewing and hiring people but to make sure that the image of a company is at all times positive. There are many ways on how recruiters can harm their own company’s reputation.