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7 Ways Education Can Empower Your Staff

We hire employees to fully harness their skills and talents, so why not make an effort to upgrade these skills? A recent Gallup poll showed that 87% of millennials believe that educating employees is essential in the workplace. It not only strengthens their skills but also develops them as whole human beings. There are a large number of benefits that come with educating your staff. Here are 7 key ways that education can empower your staff. - the place where makers show what they've done is the place where makers show the world what they've made.

It's a different kind of profile page where it's not about the companies you worked for but what you've done.

It's also a place where you discover other makers like you. Get feedback or let others know what you think about their work.

It's where you get inspired and motivated.

It's where you learn and grow.

How Recruiters Can Improve Their Candidate Interviewing

One of the essential tasks of working as a recruiter or an HR executive is conducting interviews for vacancies. While employees may come and go the process of interviewing candidates never comes to a halt. Different recruiters have their methods of conducting interviews with potential candidates, but a systematic approach to recruiting a candidate is missing these days.

Compliance and Essential Training You Should Know

Trust and reputation are essential for any organisation, which is why corporate compliance training is important. Clients, consumers, employees and stakeholders expect transparency and ethical conduct. It is for these reasons why companies should have a compliance training program in place. Compliance training reduces risks, maintains trust, keeps everyone updated, and minimises the risk of anyone violating the law.

How to Hire Employees That Will Last

Dealing with high turnover rates is difficult at any company. So, if you're a hiring manager who's on the lookout for someone new to join the team, you have to be thinking about the longevity of the employees you hire at your company. 

How to Relieve Stress When Job Hunting

Job hunting can be incredibly stressful. Many unknowns are looming ahead, especially if you lost your previous job suddenly and are struggling with finances. With a blur of applications and interviews nonstop, it can start to feel like there’s no end in sight.

You can’t control external circumstances, such as when/where someone will hire you. However, you can control your stress levels and take steps to manage it as best as possible.

Here are some tips you can try to reduce the stress of finding a new job. 

Introducing SKILLR - a new kind of profile page

We just launched SKILLR - a new kind of profile page for those who value doing & shipping more than listing a job in their resume. We created SKILLR to help software developers show what they are good at to get more exposure and discover what others are doing.

Creative Ways To Increase Employee Engagement

The term "employee engagement" used to be seen as a bit of a buzz phrase, but today, it's an essential part of successful companies' overall strategies. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle when it comes to creating and optimizing employee engagement. At the same time, more and more employees are seeking fulfillment that comes beyond a paycheck. 

How To Hire The Best Interim Executive

Finding a good interim executive is typically a very difficult task for most companies and because of this difficulty often end up putting someone in the role who they happened to run across and not someone who has exactly the right competencies and cultural fit they need.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Team to be Happier and More Productive

Whether managing a virtual or a more traditional office-based one, keeping you team happy and content can be a challenge. Making sure your staff are happy is an important and admirable goal in and of itself. It also has distinct benefits for the team and the business overall: happier workers are more productive, meaning that your company in general will work better and be more likely to reach its goals.