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How Easy is it to Hire a Remote Employee?

For people who’ve built careers in the nebulous field of digital business, it can sometimes feel as though the whole world has gone remote. In truth, of course, the progress of remote operation has varied significantly across nations and niches. Some industries can function remotely but haven’t quite accepted it yet, while others just can’t: from store assistants and hairdressers to factory workers and farmers, there are people for whom it isn’t an option.

How A Web Scraper Can Help Your HR Department

One area where web scraping can have a significant impact is the HR department. By gathering information on potential hires and analyzing competitor strategies, web scraping can be a powerful tool for HR professionals. Instead of manually gathering data from various sources, a web scraper can collect the necessary information in a matter of minutes, which means faster recruitment and better analysis of similar businesses to make data-driven decisions. Want to know how web scraping can work for your HR department? Read on for all you need to know.

Why You Should Treat Your Employees Like Customers (And Vice Versa)

For any successful business, there are two concerns that are (or at least, should be) held in higher esteem than anything else: its customers, and its employees. And while these two groups sit on opposite sides of the fence (one is paying for the product or service, while the other is being paid to help deliver it), in many ways a business’s relationship with each group isn’t that much different — after all, keeping both your customers and your employees happy, engaged, motivated, and (crucially) loyal is fundamental to achieving success.

Best Practices for Managing Employee Relocation in the Current Remote Work Environment

Employee relocation rates have increased significantly over the last few years, and they’re likely to continue rising. HR professionals must take special care to support and guide employees through their relocations, no matter how near or far they’ll be from the main office. Employee relocation can be stressful, particularly from an HR standpoint. With some careful planning and preparation, though, you make the process much more manageable. Below, you’ll learn some best practices to help you manage employee relocation, especially in the current remote work environment.

Top Five Skills Your SaaS Marketing Team Needs in 2023

SaaS marketing is a method of digital marketing that promotes software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Because you don’t have a physical product, you might think it’s a challenge to market your service. However, if your SaaS marketing team has the top five skills, you’ll have no problem finding new customers and broadening your client base.

The Benefits of Using Skillmeter to Test Candidates' Skills during Recruitment

Recruiting top talent is a challenging task for any organization, but it's a necessary one to ensure that the company stays competitive and grows. With the increasing competition for jobs, recruiters must go beyond the traditional resume review and interview process to identify the best candidates for the job. One way to do this is by using tools like Skillmeter to test candidate skills during the recruitment process. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using Skillmeter to save time and money in the recruitment process.

The Impact of AI-Powered Prompts on Programming Education

As technology continues to evolve, the education industry has been quick to adapt and incorporate various tech tools into classrooms. One of the most recent and innovative tech tools that have been adopted in programming education is AI-powered prompts. AI-powered prompts are designed to provide personalized learning experiences and enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

How Mentorship Can Help Healthcare Workers Cope with High-Stress Work Environments

Healthcare workers routinely see life at its most difficult. This weighs on everyone but can be particularly difficult for new hires to reconcile. They spent years in the classroom. They know their stuff. But now, as they walk into the hospital with a freshly laminated staff badge, they are experiencing the physical and emotional reality of having someone’s life in their hands for the first time.

7 Keys to Help Your HR Staff Recruit the Best International Talent

Once upon a time, recruiting internationally was considered a task done by multinational companies only who had the resources to relocate their employees. Fast forward to 2020 and now, global workforces have become a hit within all companies, regardless of size. Remote and hybrid modes of working have made it easier for recruiters to find the right talent despite their location.

8 Reasons why Investing in Employee Engagement is the Key to Achieving Business Objectives

Employee engagement isn’t just a buzzword anymore. From HR managers to employees, everyone is focused on this particular term, as it is related to the most important resource in any company - human resources. The higher the employee engagement, the higher rate of productivity and profitability in the company. These statistics by Forbes add credibility to the fact that engaged employees lead to the fulfillment of business objectives and company success.