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8 Ideas for Creative Hiring

If you want to hire top talents you need to look beyond traditional hiring practices. It’s time to get creative! In this blog post I would like to suggest some more unusual ways of attracting top candidates. 

15 Strategies how to attract passive candidates

Companies have realised that they need to promote their jobs the same way as they market their services and products, if they want to keep their competitive edge.  There are different strategies that a company can apply in order to attract passive candidates, those employees who are working but don’t necessarily plan to change their jobs.

New Feature: Assessment Candidate Feedback

We've just launched a new feature that allows recruiters to collect candidates feedback on the assessments they've been assigned.

15 Qualities a great Recruiter must have

Would you like to work as a Recruiter? Do you want to know what the top 15 qualities of a great recruiter are? Are you already a recruiter but would like to know if you meet all the requirements? If so, I will highlight what makes you stand out.  

New Feature: Customize Candidate Emails

I’ve just released a new feature for Skillmeter that lets recruiters customize the notification emails that go out to candidates.

Using Twitter for Recruitment

Imagine you are a recruiter and you need to find 3 candidates for various roles in your company within the next 20 days. What strategy would you apply to meet this deadline and target? Recruitment via social media networking websites is the first thing that would cross my mind hoping that the company has already set up an account on various social media websites and has some followers, fans and connections to be proud of. More and more companies realise how effective and quick it can be to find great hires. 

Skillmeter partners with Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

I am happy to announce you that Skillmeter is a partner of the Social Recruiting Strategies conference that will take place in Chicago, July 23-25.  Read the article for more details about the conference, how to register and how to benefit of the 15% discount thanks to this partnership.

Social Media Recruitment - 12 Reasons why it is worthwhile

Social Media does not just affect peoples personal lives but also plays a key role in business nowadays. A company has many ways to find new talent and social media is one strategy that a company should not miss out on. The recruitment industry is changing and this due to technology.

“Hiring the right candidate” - My Personal 5 Secrets revealed

Imagine ... today is your first day at work as a Recruiter and one of your first priorities is to hire three new employees in different departments. How would you go about it? What strategy would you choose to make sure that you find the right candidate for each job? In this blog post I would like to share my personal 5 secrets which helped me to succeed as a Recruiter.