What to do when Job Boards and LinkedIn let you down?

Every day the recruiters come to fight for the best talent and use the familiar tactics. When we start the search, the first method to which we refer is the power of LinkedIn and Job Boards. Recruiters use all the possible tactics and different combinations of search.

What do the lazy recruiters do?

Firstly they create a vacancy on Job Board and source for the suitable candidates for LinkedIn. The most cunning copy details from other vacancies such as the job title, location and start date into the body of the posting to ensure that all the possible information is captured for those who might be searching.

Popular job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Craigslist and Glassdoor also offer to create your career page, which is issued for the candidates on the job aggregators. When taking into consideration the quality and quantity of applicants each job board deliver, as well as the cost of these job boards, LinkedIn and Indeed are the forerunners. Recruiters report that LinkedIn delivers by far the highest-quality applicants at a medium cost—as well as a high quantity of applicants, second only to Indeed (and not by much). (

A great scheme isn't it? And all that remains for us as for recruiters is just to sit and wait for the right candidate will accept our job offer.

The tricks for diligent ones

Time goes by, the vacancy is still opened, the responding candidates from Job Boards are not suitable for the main parameters. Here comes the time recruiters use the more advanced techniques. They begin to monitor niche Job Boards to attract top talent. The best job search sites to post jobs include not only niche job boards, but also niche communities and publications. Don't ignore this method of search as the right candidate might be hiding there. For example, to search for talent for technology job it is recommended you to use, for candidates from finance such as accounting, asset management, commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking, trading and derivatives usually are on and and sales opportunities by industry including healthcare, technology, food, entertainment, pharmaceutical, advertising and food better to look at

And now, for the advanced

If the recruiter does not wait for the candidate may as well descend to your vacancies and hires the best-quality talent with the best skills using the big guns complex approach. We suggest using highly sophisticated sourcing tactics - the advanced software (TA platforms, ATS, big data and Boolean search) in combination with a strong brand of employer.

With special technical tools, everything should be clear. Use Chrome extensions for searching the candidate in social networks and to fully understand its social portrait. Such tools give the possibility to get the direct contact (email, phone number, messengers). Special Talent acquisition platforms help in predictive analytics and provide a set of tools for headhunting. For example, you can anticipate is the applicant able to move to another position, as it is marked in the system as “likely to switch”. And we all know that highly-skilled talents had been already hired. You can also view the hiring mood in competitive companies, to learn how the competitors are often headhunt the professionals and where the candidates switch to.

All this will help to understand the situation better on the recruitment market of the industry. In order for your ideal candidate to be loyal to your employer, you need a powerful use of reputation, brand and thought leadership, driven by social and digital content. All these methods require a comprehensive approach and a serious work. But you are professionals and are not afraid of tests, aren’t you?

Mariia Shymanska
Customer success at SignalHire ( Talent Acquisition Platform with an interest in blogging about recruitment, social media recruiting, candidate sourcing. Curious to create educational content to help recruiters of small businesses, tech companies, startups, non-profits learning how to hire the best talent with the help of the BigData technologies.