The advantages of using Skillmeter

First of all, let me start start my first article by saying how exciting I am to have joined Skillmeter. I am a true believer that we will succeed in what we set out to do: help recruiters manage sensibly the candidates' skills while reducing the time needed for the hiring process altogether.

One of the the first things that makes us stand out is the fact that we built this tool to address a problem we as recruiters stumbled upon flat out: simply put, we were spending too much time on assessing our candidates skills.

So without further ado, I would like to list some of the advantages that using our tool will bring about.

I will start with the most obvious of them all: the gain of time.

• By having the candidates tested in the comfort of their home, you are making sure only the most suitable candidates are called for an interview.

Of course, CVs filtering can do part of the job, but lately, specialists have observed a widening gap between what is written there and the actual candidate's knowledge… hard times, we know.

• Smart candidate's screening translates into less time invested by you in setting up meetings and preparing the testing props and all other details

• Your recruiting managers will be able to focus more consistently on their daily tasks by allocating less time to interviews, since candidates are already screened, especially true when multiple choice tests are used since no time spent is used for correction

Tests centralization is another reason to use our tool:

• Imagine having tens of candidates for a position and all tests are on paper: I know, we've all done it, but we do not have to anymore. Having the test results in a central repository offering quick answers on results by position, period, location and whatever other detail you need is exactly what our tool offers.

• Centralization will give you a quick answer on tests difficulty

• Last but not least, being a cloud solution, Skillmeter allows you to check all this data from virtually everywhere

Then there is the commitment of the team behind Skillmeter: 

• We have huge experience in both recruiting and IT. Simply put, your using this solution at its best is our mission.

• For instance, we have many new things on the pipe

• Last but not least, serving our customers' is our top priority!

Let's not forget that we live in the 21st century, and we should all give a thought to our planet.

• The fact that candidates can be tested online helps reducing your company's carbon footprint

• Using our tool will lead to an enormous reduction of paper use

The list of advantages is longer, but it is so much more interesting to discover them together.

We're looking for your feedback regarding how you use Skillmeter, what more you except from us and just about everything you'd like to share with us.

Operations Manager