Social Recruitment: An Effective Tool for Finding the Best Candidates

Effective and successful recruiters know that while posting jobs on online job boards is still necessary, it's no longer the most effective method for finding great candidates. According to a recent survey, about 94% of recruiters used or plan to use social recruitment to search for candidates.

Not only do recruiters use the big three social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, but they are also using Instagram and other social media outlets to find potential employees. It's even possible to collect data from social media sites and analyze it to find the best results for your customer more quickly and efficiently than was traditionally possible.

If you're new to social recruiting, here are just a few tips to get started:

  • If you haven't already, create a presence on various social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. "Most importantly, start using social sites where you find the best candidates for your particular jobs (the big ones might not be the best)."
  • Be creative with your career sites so good candidates can find them. Most importantly, update your content so its fresh and compelling. Visit sites important to your industry so that you are current on all the latest trends.
  • As difficult as we know it can be, try to make the hiring process as painless as possible.
  • Share information about your search, but be careful not to spam.
  • Track your site statistics. The analytics may not seem relevant right away, but it may in the future.
  • Building a strong social presence takes time so be patient. Take small steps while your social media confidence and success builds.

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