Skills Upgrade to Connections: Tips on how to get that job you have always dreamt of

Skills Upgrade to Connections: Tips on how to get that job you have always dreamt of

Getting a job with the current economic depression has been a hassle. In fact, desperation has been worsened by the fact that most jobs getting filled are not being formally advertised as before. Human Resource Departments find it expensive to recruit externally and also believe that best-suited candidates are or have once worked in the particular organization. This trend has led to frustration and desperation among most job seekers. Have you been looking for employment from one organization to the other without success? Well, here are simple tips that if you follow, will land you in that job you have always dreamt of.

Get the right skills and keep them on top.

You must make sure that your skill level is always rising in the career you want. Even for standard desk tops you will stand out if you have something more to offer in the I.T department. You can take a whole plethora of online studies to keep yourself sharp and ready to cover what is required of you. Employers can test you and that means you will be at direct competition to your fellow man, with numbers!

“Digital Marketing and Web Design is a huge employment sector now and its vital that you keep your core skills such as HTML, PHP, and Design Skills such as Photoshop in check even though many of the time you will be using CMS systems the backbone to your work must be still kept as as a sharp tool you can use!” - Met Marketing Digital Media Experts Recruiters

Get the Right Connections

Number one tip for getting that job is networking effectively. You have to go that extra mile and connect with the managers, employees and even other staff within these organizations so that they may connect you with any unposted job opportunities. You should make networking a daily routine. Other platforms of broadening these networks include LinkedIn Connections and other online job sites. Job connections should be of mutual benefit and founded on genuine friendship. If you get a job that suits a friend of yours, link him or her as they can help you in case they come across one that suits you.

Market yourself effectively

You should always take advantage of the available avenues for marketing yourself. Looking for internship opportunities or engaging in social work not only gives you the necessary exposure but also makes you more "visible" to prospective employers. Community development and social work experience are a proof that you can be of benefit to the organization even without financial gain. This will be a proof that you are self-driven. Job seeking should not be limited to local newspapers only. More opportunities are found on the internet and subscription to job websites can go a long way in landing you that job you have always desired. While job hunting, effective marketing is paramount regardless of the type of job you are looking for.

Find out exactly what organizations need

Do not just seek jobs blindly by sending resumes to hundreds of organizations, friends or family members. This will leave you frustrated as you are less likely even to get an interview. Research from people what skills needed and the exact job positions being sought by these organizations. This entails finding out the kind of experience required to fill the vacant positions. When you get an interview opportunity, focus on how you can help the organization attain its corporate goals, not the other way round. Managers don't have all the time on earth to scrutinize your talents or skills. It is thus advisable to make that bold move of identifying the hiring manager and discussing with them how exactly you can help the organization save money, make more money or achieve specific goals

In job hunting, the secret to getting that job is by making yourself as attractive to the potential employer as possible. Keeping time, dressing well, learning new skills, and updating your curriculum vitae have a great impact on the job seeking process.

Dan Fenu
Hello I am Daniel Fenu an entrepreneur, writer and co run a small digital marketing company Firespin Digital in Brighton. I am keen for people to keep their skill levels up and to help people get that job!