Skillmeter partners with Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

I am happy to announce you that Skillmeter is a partner of the Social Recruiting Strategies conference that will take place in Chicago, July 23-25.  

Register now and use the code Skillmeter15 for a 15% discount!

Top 10 benefits of attending the conference:

  • Learn to Utilize Social Recruiting to Draw the Top Talent to Your Organization
  • Implement Successful Recruiting Strategies on a Budget
  • Identify Best Practices for Achieving Recruiting Results
  • Optimize Mobile Recruiting Strategies and Maximize ROI
  • Build Your Employer Brand
  • Identify and Implement Strategies for Launching Social Recruiting while Remaining Compliant with Your Company’s Governance
  • Access Key Corporate Case Studies for Effective Social Recruiting
  • Learn how to Make the Most of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Develop a Career Mobile App
  • Network with fellow HR Pros and Recruiters

  • HR Pros, Recruiters and Sourcers will:

  • Develop a Social Recruitment Strategy
  • Learn to find the Right Candidates for Your Organization
  • Understand how Your Organization Can Benefit from Utilizing Recruiting Tools such as LinkedIn and BranchOut
  • Track and Measure Your Social Recruiting Efforts
  • Evaluate & Illuminate Your Employment Brand through Sustainable Recruiting

  • Click on the banner below to visit the conference website.

    Social Recruiting Strategies Conference

    Founder of Skillmeter: