Remote Networking Guide for Graduate Students

Graduate students looking to advance their career, or even transition into a new one, can benefit tremendously from networking. Studies have shown that around 70% of jobs aren’t posted online, while a whopping 80% of jobs are filled through networking.

Given this telling information, networking can be a vital skill for graduate students looking to land their next job. Here are some tips for graduate students looking to bolster their networking skills and land their next job.

Connect with Individuals Who Work at Your Prospective Employer’s Company

Connecting with individuals who work at the company that one aspires to work at can be a great way to get one’s foot in the door at a given company. This can be done easily through LinkedIn, which allows one to find people who work at specific companies. Networking with those who work at your prospective employer’s company can possibly be the difference between you landing your dream job and your resume being brushed aside.

Network with Individuals More Advanced in Their Careers

Graduate students looking to advance their careers can find significant benefits from networking with individuals who are more advanced in their careers. These connections can act as a stepping stone to help one find that next job in a higher position. Rather than leave the hiring process up to chance, one can boost their chances of getting hired by putting in a little bit of extra effort.

Network with Peers

While networking with those farther along in their career journey can be important, networking with peers in similar situations to oneself is important as well. Finding others who have similar experiences to oneself can be a great way to find support and encouragement. By finding other peers to network with, one can find a community that understands one and provides one with a sense of comfort and support.

Network Even When It’s Uncomfortable

Networking can sometimes feel like an uncomfortable task that requires one to leave their comfort zone and act in ways they wouldn’t typically act. By networking more, one will gain confidence and feel more comfortable interacting with others. Those looking to further their careers in the business sector will benefit from becoming comfortable interacting with others and making connections regularly.

Why Networking Can Help You

Graduate students ready to jump into a new career may be wondering if networking is a skill necessary for them to pick up. Having a clear understanding of how networking can help one is a great way to provide oneself with the motivation to develop and cultivate networking skills.

Employers often prefer to hire applicants who are referred. Hiring new employees can be a tricky process that involves a degree of chance. Employers looking to fill positions are typically far more inclined to hire someone that a current employee refers because of the fact that means the person can be trusted. By networking with many individuals, one can possibly find themselves being referred by a networking peer and landing an impressive job.

In some cases, employers want to keep hiring private. This can be because of a new branch that is opening that they don’t want competitors to know about, along with a number of other reasons. Bearing this in mind, networking is a great way for employers to find qualified employees in these situations. By networking strategically and consistently, one can improve their chances of being considered for roles that employers don’t want to post online.

Utilize Networking to Land That Next Job

Though it can seem daunting for those who have never done it, networking can be the habit that lands graduate students their next job. Connecting with others is a great way to get one’s foot in the door at a company before even applying for a job. The more one is able to network, the greater the chances are that one will land their next job through a referral.

Andrew Deen