Passion is underrated

I've recently attended a Steve Balmer keynote at Gartner’s Symposium in Orlando and I was so impressed by all the passion he showed while talking about his company, Microsoft.

The vast majority of people do their things without (much) passion.  And that’s why they are always unhappy and never show much progress.

Guys, passion is everything.  For me, passion is the force that wakes me up early to start my work day even when I face difficult times. Passion is what keeps me awake all night to study, read, learn or do things I love. 

I am what I am just because of my passion and my determination.  And for all of you out there who want to be successful in their job or their life, here’s the only advice I can give: put more passion in what you do.  If you cannot, maybe it’s a sign you should do something else that you really enjoy.

Passion is so important still so underrated.

Founder of Skillmeter: