Online Testing: a Requisite Tool for Every Recruiter

Are you a perceptive, judicious recruiter?

How long does it take you to identify the best candidate for a job?

What are the critical characteristics you search for when you are seeking talent for a specific niche?

How much time do you spend researching the job seeker’s background before the actual interview?

How can you determine if a interviewee actually meets the qualifications required to even apply for the job?

How will you ascertain whether the candidate truly possesses all of the necessary skills to perform the job proficiently?

How can you measure the accuracy of the prospective employee’s reported command of the fundamental job functions?

How will you know if the applicant inflated their abilities to appear that they meet or exceed the employer’s desired aptitude levels?

What if there was a simple method to solve the dilemmas posed in list above?

Now there is. Online testing is the answer to virtually all of those questions. It is one of the most essential, innovative tools that every astute, successful recruiter should have in their toolbox.

Skillmeter was built on the best online test platform to fulfill the demands of busy recruiters. Imagine the possibilities with this talent sourcing tool that eliminates paperwork and since it operates in the Cloud, there is no software to install.

Countless recruiters are already utilizing this easy and secure solution to hire better and faster by measuring candidates' skills through personalized online testing.

It only takes a few moments for Recruiters to build their own tests and prospective talent can take the assessments from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Guessing about a candidate's qualifications is eliminated.
  • Receive your prospective employee's test results instantly via email.
  • Brand your test center with company logo.
  • Customize your assessments to reflect what you want to evaluate about any candidate for each individual job.

Start saving time and money by beginning your free 14 day trial today. Online testing with Skillmeter is the tool every recruiter needs to succeed.

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