Online Candidate Testing is Part of Hiring Process

It is common for companies to utilize testing as part of their employee selection process. These tests can include measurement of cognitive abilities, personality testing, abilities testing, background testing and more. This type of testing can be utilized by prospective employers as long as they are not discriminatory.

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, “By helping companies identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, pre-employment testing can lead to additional company benefits, such as saving time and cost in the selection process, decreasing turnover, and even improving morale.”

Talent Assessments

In many companies pre-employment testing is referred to as talent assessments. They are specifically designed to determine if a job candidate will fit well within a company’s culture. This testing has proven to be effective in predicting a new hire’s potential for job performance as well as ability to be retained for a period of time.

Online Testing

There are various types of employment tests that can be performed online. Candidates can do this on their own device or on in a perspective employer’s office. This is a cost effective way of performing testing of candidates who are located a long distance from the employer. In many cases, online testing can eliminate the need to pay transportation expenses.

Job Skill Assessments Online

In many technical fields applicants are able to find jobs online. They are also able to take the company’s skill assessment testing online. A company can provide the testing themselves or may use a third party that specializes in talent assessment testing. Some companies provide the results immediately. Others will only contact a candidate if they’re interested in pursuing the next step in the employment process with them.

Employment Process

Most companies depend on other things than just testing to choose their candidates. Many times testing is used to determine the candidates who will be asked for an in-person interview. Depending upon the company’s hiring process, managers may also want to interview a candidate before determining eligibility.

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