New question type: Picture Choice


I'm happy to announce you that starting now Skillmeter supports a new question type: Picture Choice. Thanks to this improvement we raised at 7 the number of supported question types: Multiple choice with only one correct answer, Multiple choice with two or more correct answers, True/False, Ranking, Exact match, "Fill in the blank" / Essay, Picture Choice.

Adding a Picture choice in your test is very easy. First you type your question and then you can upload up to 6 pictures as possible responses.  Skillmeter will automatically resize the pictures to 150px X 150px.  After that you upload the pictures and select the correct answers (one or many).

After the question has be submitted & added, you can use the preview question function to see how it will look to the candidates.  If you need to make changes you can always go back and edit the question or the pictures.

Feel free to comment or contact us should you have any question or feedback about Skillmeter.  Happy testing!

Founder of Skillmeter: