New Features: Reminders and multi-test sessions


I’m happy to announce you that we’ve just improved Skillmeter with two new features:

1.  Reminder notifications

Skillmeter will send reminder notifications to all candidates to ensure they did not miss the initial email.

First notification is sent 2 days after the candidate was assigned to take the test and the second notifications is sent after 4 days.

2.  Split tests in individual sessions

Now you can assign more than one test to your candidates and have them split in individual sessions so that your candidates can take them one by one.  If notifications are turned on, the candidates  will receive one email with the PIN codes for each exam.  To activate this feature, all you need to do is to check “One Test Per Session” checkbox as you can see in the screen below.  If you leave it unchecked, all tests will be grouped in the same session.

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Founder of Skillmeter: