Make Online Testing More Relevant To Your Company

Many potential employees in many industries have gone through the process of pre-hire testing. Often, these tests were painfully generic and assessed values that had nothing to do with the job or else had awkward "personality profile" questions that delved into the personal life of the employee. In truth, more than a few of these questions reflected nothing that would define the suitability of the potential hire. Even as the world moved to greater and greater online services, testing still had issues of not being specific enough to the position being tested for.

Assessing the results from testing were another factor that lengthened the hiring process. Answers had to be checked by someone and graded according to a scale that may or may not have been updated. All the while, companies lost good talent just waiting for the results.

Online testing has finally caught up to, and exceeded, the demands of the hiring market. The Skillmeter lets you build the tests to suit your needs according to the position you are recruiting for. Gone is the guesswork of a third-party test writer. Your tests can be assembled by someone who knows the intricacies of your specific organization and of the job. Grading can be done automatically with an email notification being sent out to you upon completion of the test. With 24/7 availability, you can get more tests processed in less time.

Skillmeter is maintained in the Cloud, so there are no lengthy downloads and endless parades of upgrades to bog you down and there are no hefty tomes masquerading as operator's manuals to study. You can be ready to craft your first test in about 5 minutes. Candidates can be assigned PINs to keep the testing secure on their end, and all communications are handled over a secure connection. You can even customize your test to display your own company's logo.

Skillmeter supports BambooHR, a customizable Human Resources Information System, offering a tidy package to run the gamut from testing to hiring, with tests optimized for tablets and mobile devices. Given the ease of learning and the customization available, it's time to contact us and leave the "Paperwork Jungle" behind!

Founder of Skillmeter: