IT Recruitment-Creative Ways to Win Your Ideal Candidate

IT recruitment and hiring is one the rise and to say there is a strong demand for talent is an understatement. According to one recent survey, three quarters of CIOs plan to either fill vacant IT positions or expand their existing IT staff. It’s all about reaching candidates where they live, learning their behavior patterns, and understanding their trigger points.

Let’s look at these 4 tips to recruit the best and beat your competition in the process:

  1. Ask employees to be brand advocates.

Your existing IT staff may have a network of qualified connections in similar fields. Ask for referrals but don’t necessarily expect them to give a referral for free. Offer a reward such as a referral bonus for every qualified IT professional they refer and you hire.

  1. Utilize on-line candidate assessments.

On-line candidate assessment continues toward the mainstream– as online technical knowledge and skill assessment options become more effective, they will continue their growth until they become mainstream. Their impact is high because they reduce unnecessary interviews and they can dramatically improve the quality of hire.

  1. Interview from anywhere.

Tap into the power of technology – like Skype – to interview candidates anytime, anywhere. This opens up a whole new pool of candidates, even those from outside your area. It also offers a cost-effective avenue for interviewing them.

  1. Try out talent before hiring.

Rather than putting your candidates through the wringer with multiple rounds of interviews, bring in your top picks to work at your company on a project for a temporary period. This is a good way to test out their skills and see whether their personality is a fit for your company’s culture.

  1. Offer great rewards.

When you find an ideal candidate, seal the deal by offering more than a competitive salary. Ask them what would make them want to work for you, and then deliver. Also, don’t forget to sell the perks your organization has to offer its employees, so they know what to expect once they’re on board.

The IT recruitment sector remains buoyant despite the economic climate, according to the recruitment firm Hays IT. The use of online assessments will ensure that you find the best candidates for your company and the best fit for your IT positions.

If you would like more information on how to save time finding your dream candidate, contact us and stop guessing about an applicant’s qualifications.

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