Implementing Social Recruitment into Your HR Plan

If your job is to recruit the best talent for a company, have you considered the idea of social recruitment? This is the process of using the various social media you have at your disposal to increase awareness of your job offers and incite interest in the positions. The problem is, you want to attract the BEST potential candidates, not just anyone. So how do you design a recruitment campaign through the use of social media to accomplish this?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using social recruitment tools:

  1. Design an attractive FaceBook ad which advertises the positive aspects of your job opening. Include information on salary potential, the responsibilities of the job, and benefits. This will enhance the offer to those who might be interested and may allow you to attract more highly qualified candidates.
  2. Announce on social media that testing and assessment will be used as a prerequisite which will filter out those who have the skills for the job versus those who do not. People with skills don't mind being tested. They have grown used to the idea that they have to prove themselves online when searching for a job, since they are not meeting you in person. So announcing that you give assessments will weed out those who are unable or unwilling to meet the basic requirements of the job.
  3. Create a video advertising the job, making it more appealing to those who have the potential to do the job the best. People like video so this will appeal to a majority of people.
  4. List the qualities you feel are important for success on the job in question and post this on social media. People who feel they have these qualities may inquire if they think they will fit the bill. Then you can decide from there.
  5. Choose social media which appeals to job seekers. FaceBook has the largest audience but Twitter can be more selective in terms of what groups you post to. For example, you could go into a job board site on Twitter and post to people looking for the type of job you are advertising. This would limit your message's reach to only the people who might be interested in the job and who might be best suited for it.

There are a number of other proactive approaches you can take when working social recruitment into your HR plan. Make occasional "public" posts about job openings. Connect to job seekers groups on Face Book or Twitter, or other social media. Look for talent online yourself by searching out Twitter accounts of people with specific skills. The possibilities are endless. With such a vast network of people in social media, social recruitment is a very effective approach in reaching the ones who can best serve the job you have available and help your company.

If we can help you with this, contact us. We are the experts at providing appropriate skills and personality assessments for potential employees, a crucial part of the process of recruiting new talent.

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