New Feature: BambooHR Integration

I’m super excited to announce that now Skillmeter officially includes BambooHR integration.

So now, with a BambooHR account you can:

  • Assign a test to an employee defined in BambooHR
  • Have the employee take the test in
  • Employee test results are uploaded to BambooHR as PDF documents in "Skillmeter Results" folder
  • Employee test results are also available in Skillmeter

Enabling BambooHR Integration

Before you get started, log into your BambooHR account, go to the API Keys section and add a new key.

Ensure Company Directory is set to Shared in Manage section

Now you can go to your Skillmeter account, and visit the Integrations tab.  Here, click add integration button and fill in the form with the following values:

-  Provider: BambooHR

-  API Key: value taken from BambooHR

-  Subdomain name: your BambooHR subdomain name (usually it is your company name)

How it works

Once you’ve finished setting this up, when you go add a new candidate you will see the import Import section.  If you select Import, you will get a drop down with all your employees from BambooHR.  Now you can go ahead, select the employee, attach it to one or more tests and you are done.

Enjoy it!

Founder of Skillmeter: