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How to develop an efficient HR business partner culture

Human Resources Management (HRM) is probably the only business function that has faced intensive criticism. Within as well as outside organizations, the HR is seen as ineffective, bureaucratic, and highly incompetent function. Many argue that HR should be abolished to make organizations agiler. However, under current business environment, organizations need HR more than anything else. The business challenges require organizations to develop new capabilities quickly. HR can do this task if they consider themselves the business partner of organizations and not just the administrative and support function. Therefore, it is important for HR Leaders and CXOs to work together to develop an organizational culture in which HR assumes the role of strategic business partner.

How to Get the Most of Your Virtual Team

Today’s world is one of virtual offices and teams that are managed without people ever meeting face to face. You may never know what the people working for you physically look like. No longer is there a need for cubicles and conference rooms. In fact, many people can work directly from home wearing their pajamas if they choose. While a virtual team has numerous advantages including cost and convenience, it also comes with its share of challenges. How do you manage a team from across the city, across the country, or across the world? How do you ensure work is getting done, milestones are being met, and the quality of work is maintained? While it may be a little more challenging than walking to your coworker’s desk to check in, managing a virtual team is not only doable but often more efficient.

The IT Crowd: 7 Steps to Recruiting

The IT field is complex because it has so many things that must go right to achieve the goal. One of these things is the right person for the job because expertise and skills play a critical role here. Finding a right person is also a multi-faceted skill that should be possessed by the recruiter to ensure that the project will go smoothly and beautifully. 

How To Use Content Marketing To Attract Talent

Content marketing isn’t just for reaching out to prospective customers and lots of brands are using content marketing to attract future employees; highly skilled and creative team members who can jump in and help bring the brand to even higher levels.

Tracking matters: top recruiting metrics your business must monitor

Even if recruiting seems to be all about writing job descriptions, screening and interviewing candidates, or processing orders from clients, there's one more thing every recruiter is supposed to do in order to further enhance the entire process. Monitoring key recruitment metrics, a task often forgotten by many recruiters, helps to save time and render the process much more effective. Here are 7 essential metrics you need for your businesses to thrive on talent and expertise of top candidates on the market.

Introducing - the new job board for remote positions

We are introducing - the brand new job board reserved exclusively for remote job listings. We are living exciting times as more and more companies are open to switch from the traditional you-must-commute-to-the-office to a remote approach to benefit from the best talent regardless of where they live.

How to Impress Your Future Boss: Media Resume

Being an ambitious person means struggling to achieve more. Sometimes we are trying to be in a process of self-development and, therefore, looking for a better job place. While the process of finding a job place is labor-intensive, you might notice that it can be also time-consuming. Don't panic: we know what you need to do. First of all, you should create an outstanding resume.

Sharpening Your Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is an important ability that enables students to better solve problems in the real world as well in the academic world. It is important for high school students develop critical thinking skills by playing board games and logical puzzles. Having critical thinking skills allows students to assess outcomes, compare ideas, synthesize information and draw conclusion from a given piece of knowledge. High school students should try these tools to develop their critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for succeeding in college tests, assignments and exams.

6 Cardinal Job Description Tweaks That Will Bring More Talent to Your Company

If you find yourself in hiring cycles more than you’d like, you know how frustrating it can be. Not being able to retain employees probably signifies that you’re hiring the wrong ones. If people aren’t working out for you, you deserve to find candidates that will. However, the problem doesn’t necessarily relate to bad decisions in the hiring process – it could very well have something to do with your job description. Make sure you’re setting yourself up to draw in the right talent. A well written job description is half the battle.

7 Career Skills You Will Improve When Travelling

If you've ever considered taking time out from your busy career to travel, whether for a week or a year, you probably assumed that you would have to sacrifice your chances of improving those all important work skills that employers value. You'll be happy to know that there are many valuable things that travel can teach you that will only enhance your career. Here's a list of 7 career skills that will only get better when you travel.