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13 Ways how to gain new business as a Recruitment Consultant

If I would be a Recruitment Consultant this would be my personal strategy as to how I would try to gain new business. Cold calling seems to be the approach that many companies apply but I would not just rely on that option. In today’s competitive recruitment market you need to be creative, quick and professional.

The “Personal Interests” section in a CV: What does it reveal?

Is it really relevant to pay some attention to a candidate’s hobbies and personal interests when screening a candidate’s CV? Some Hiring Managers will say that it’s a waste of time, while others see it as an opportunity to get some more information about a candidate’s personality

New Feature - Question Pooling

I've just released a new feature for Skillmeter Testing Platform that lets you configure your tests to either serve candidates the complete set of questions or pull randomly a number of questions from a larger pool of questions

15 Mistakes Hiring Managers should avoid

A job interview is an opportunity for both parties, HR manager and candidate, to find out whether the company and the candidate are a good fit or not. It requires therefore preparation from both sides and many things can go wrong during the interview stage. I would like to focus on the most common mistakes that recruiters are making when interviewing their future employees.

How to create an impressive Job Ad - 5 ideas

When was the last time you noticed a really impressive job ad? I mean a really memorable one? Most of the job ads look just ordinary, dull and with no eye-catching WOW factor. In order to get noticed instantly a company needs to apply different strategies.

12 Guidelines companies need to follow in their Pre-Employment Assessments

Hiring practices have changed dramatically in the last few years. Technology changed the rules and jobseekers need to be aware of that. If a company expects high quality candidates they need to make sure that they also portray their own company in a professional manner. A pre-employment test is one strategy that a company can use in order to brand themselves as a great, future-oriented company.

Pre-Employment Assessments Done Right!

Hiring the wrong person can become a costly and time-wasting issue for an organisation. Many companies consider therefore pre-employment testing tools which will allow them to screen and select the most suitable, qualified and reliable candidates and screen out those that don’t seem to fit for whatever reason.

Skillmeter Introduces Programming Tests

I am excited to announce the launch of a new feature of Skillmeter that allows recruiters to create programming/code tests to measure the “practical” skills of your candidates. Programming tests support a wide variety of languages like C#, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VB.NET.

How to Stand Out From a Crowded Field of Applicants During Your Job Interview

Times are tough out there, and it seems that there are an ever growing number of people competing for an ever shrinking number of jobs. Many people send off CV's by the dozen, and rarely get to the interview stage...

New question type: Picture Choice

I'm happy to announce you that starting now Skillmeter supports a new question type: Picture Choice.  Thanks to this improvement we raised at 7 the number of supported question types: Multiple choice with only one correct answer, Multiple choice with two or more correct answers, True/False, Ranking, Exact match, "Fill in the blank" / Essay, Picture Choice.