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  • Plan includes:
  • 5users
  • Questionnaire tests
  • Private tests
  • Own subdomain(
  • Prepaid credits ( 10 CREDITS for €20, 30 CREDITS for €57, 100 CREDITS for €170)
With 5 free credits
If you are constantly hiring then you should check our monthly plans
  • What is a credit?

    A credit represents a candidate that has been assigned to a test. If you purchase 10 credits you can use them to measure the skills of up to 10 candidates.

  • How long are the credits valid?

    All Skillmeter credits are valid 1 year (365 days) from the moment of purchase. If they are not used before their expiration date they will become void. You can, however, extend their valability by purchasing an additional pack of credits.

  • Can I get invoiced instead of paying through a credit card?

    Absolutely. Just contact support to get that set up.

  • Can I purchase additional credits?

    You can purchase additional credits at any time.

  • How much do the credits cost?

    We currently offer 3 packages that you can choose from anytime: 10 CREDITS for EUR 20 (USD 24), 30 CREDITS for EUR 57 (USD 69), 100 CREDITS for EUR 170 (USD 204)

  • Will my data be secured and private?

    Absolutely. You access Skillmeter through a secure SSL connection. Your data is not public and can only be viewed only after you are authenticated using an encrypted connection.