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8 No-No’s on how not to negotiate a job offer

Making a job offer to a candidate is not just about giving the person a new job and a salary, that is something that many other companies offer as well. It’s about sharing the same vision, making a good culture fit, letting them know what benefit they get from working for your company and in what way this new job will benefit their career. If your company has jobs which have room for negotiation regarding certain aspects try to avoid the following eight no-no’s.

Smart tactics for “Cold Calling” Job Candidates

Imagine you are a recruiter who is trying to cold call a great candidate for an IT position within your company. Your goal is to get his attention, to find out if he makes a good fit and possibly invite him for an interview which he will be prepared to attend. These are some strategies that will help you to achieve your goals effectively

Effective Cold Calling Strategies for Recruiters: What to do before, during and afterwards

While some HR insiders are convinced that the days of cold calling for recruitment purposes are long gone, there are still many Recruiters who apply this strategy on a daily basis. Here are some steps that Recruitment Consultants can follow before, during and after conducting a cold call which will help them to do it in an effective, professional and successful way.

“Mobile Recruitment” – The Strategy you can't ignore

Did you know that 44 % of people go to sleep with their mobile phones next to their bed because they don’t want to miss any updates, calls or messages during the night? Searching and finding great talent via mobile recruitment strategies is just one option.

Promoting your company at a Job Fair: How to do it the smart way

In times of Social Media and the internet does it still make sense for an organisation to participate at a Job Fair? Yes, because it gives companies as well as jobseekers the opportunity to meet face to face without having to book for any appointments. It allows you to make effective use of your time by meeting a large number of people at the same place in a short period of time

Recruiter, it’s time to think like a marketer!

In recent years recruiters have realised that their role to search, select and hire new talent has changed to some extent. A recruiter needs to look at his recruitment challenges from a marketer’s perspective: thinking and acting like a marketer. Creating and maintaining an excellent Employment Brand is one of many companies’ goals. This task should be conducted by the recruitment team but also supported by the marketing team.

Culture Fit: The ultimate key to hiring success?

Believe it or not, but according to Forbes 89 % of hiring failures are due to poor cultural fit. This figure should be a wake up call for many companies who believe that skills is all that matters, while culture fit is just a temporary buzzword.

Hiring a Developer: what to ask and watch out for

If you take a closer look at the current job market you can notice that the IT sector is one of the most dominant sectors and this is not going to change in the future. On the contrary, it will increase even more. Hiring a great “IT Developer” can become quite of a challenge for a company, particularly if the company is not very tech-savvy.

10 Creative Ideas for your Employee Referral Program

When it comes to setting up a referral program most companies focus on how to spread the word about their products or/and services. But let’s be honest, how many companies actually consider this strategy also with regard to their recruitment needs?

Video Interviews: A temporary craze or a trend to stay?

Are you one of those recruiters who already started interviewing potential candidates via video or do you think this approach is something that is never going to happen or not really needed at your company?