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The Top 10 Most Revealing Job Interview Questions you must ask

Imagine… you have 6 candidates to interview for one job. For each applicant you have only 40 minutes at your disposal and there are hundreds of interview questions you need to choose from. What are the right questions that will help you to determine who the most suitable candidate is? Here are my favourite Top 10 Questions.

How recruiters can effectively improve their Communication Skills

We all know it - communication skills are the most important skill in today’s corporate world regardless in what industry someone is working in. Recruiters expect jobseekers to have great communication skills but how good are recruiters in communicating with their great talents, colleagues, clients and team members?

Are HR Managers the new Brand Managers?

Don’t ever think that marketing a company is limited to the Marketing Manager only. Whether you realise it or not: every single employee is to some extent a marketer for their company. However, an HR Manager has not just the task of interviewing and hiring people but to make sure that the image of a company is at all times positive. There are many ways on how recruiters can harm their own company’s reputation.

Personal Branding for Recruiters: 18 Ways to boost your image

Do you know that when it comes to “Personal Branding” you are in a powerful position? It’s up to you how effective and professional you are able to create your own profile. I’m not just talking about your online presence, which surely is very important, but there are many other things you also need to consider in your daily life when interacting with people in a more personal way. Let’s first focus on your online presence and as to how you can improve your public image.

“Recruiting eMails”: How to maximise candidates’ response rate

Are you also one of those people who get bombarded with emails on a daily basis? Now imagine you have some great vacancies that need to be filled and you found some highly suitable candidates who you want to approach via email. How do you make sure that your recruiting email will get instant attention? Here I would like to reveal my strategy in tackling this challenging task.

The art of asking the right interview questions

One of the most important lessons I learnt in my recruitment career was that asking the right questions and preparing for it effectively was key. The better I prepared for it in advance and the more effective questions I asked, the more information I was able to gain which then helped me to make the right hiring decision. Is it an art to ask the right interview questions?

How to become an official “Linkedin Certified Professional Recruiter”

Have you already heard about the exam you can take to become an official “Linkedin Certified Professional Recruiter”? Anyone who is working in the recruitment sector (e.g. sourcers, recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, headhunters, executive recruiters, HR generalists or coordinators) has the opportunity to gain an additional credential for their professional career.

Hiring Millennials: What Gen Y really wants

Generation Y? Millennials? Echo Boomers? Yes, this is the young workforce who grew up in a world of computers, mobile phones, tablets, instant messaging, emails and the internet which is constantly changing and moving. To be precise, we are talking about 80 million young adults who were born between 1976 and 2001. Companies have to think about in what way they can attract, hire, manage, promote and retain this new generation of workers. Strategies, policies and procedures will have to be changed in order to manage a multigenerational workforce.

Hiring Graduates: “Hire character, train for skill”

Do you agree with Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche? He said once in a well-articulated way “Hire character, train skill”. More and more recruiters realise that it’s not all about just having the right set of skills. Often it seems that the character of a person plays a more important role when looking for the right person.

Top 10 Qualities recruiters are looking for in candidates

If someone would ask me “What do you think are the Top 10 Qualities recruiters are looking for in candidates?” I would say that it is difficult to say since every industry, every company, every job, every boss and every job candidate is different. Times are changing and so are corporate environments. However, there are some qualities (in no particular order) that recruiters would appreciate to find in their future employees.